Alumni Meeting - Sat, 5/3/14 @ 1PM

Here are the 3 dungs, now Brothers. I forgot their names......This photo is from the Fashion Show on Fri, 12/6/13.

More Fort Interior

The Place Looks GREAT!

Dung Project Spr 13

I've never seen a straighter fence!

Fort Upstairs

Bar Building has begun.

Fort Interior

The fort passed final inspection on 6/14/13! The psification of the interior has begun. Amenities include an antique blackjack table, foosball table, air hockey table, premium sound system with projection TV and a dart board.

Alumni Meeting - Sat, 5/4/13 @ 1PM

Fort Painting Complete

Alumni Meeting - 5/4/13 @ 1PM

The siding and trim on the fort is now complete! Another milestone has been achieved.
Here's 3 of the six. What is wrong with this picture?

Fort Delta

Work is still progressing on the siding. The goal is to have the fort done by 5/4!


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